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Beth Hernandez Personal Training

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A Bit About Me

Hey, I'm Beth!

I've been training myself for most of my life, testing the waters in all different types of training and learning first hand the effects of numerous methods.

It started through training for team sports in and out of school from 8 years old, focussing mostly on football. Then that turned into running out on my own before I was old enough to be allowed into a gym. The running started off at the 5km mark before training up to my first half marathon distance when I was 14. Once I was able to go into the gym at 15, I did, and I would go almost everyday after school as I loved the variety and the feeling of weight training. I trained in the gym for years without much of a purpose other than enjoyment before I put my sole gym focus into powerlifting. I trained in powerlifting for years and have competed in a couple of local competitions, one of those with a couple of clients competing with me! I am now on a new training focus as I train for the Army reserves, testing my fitness and becoming the fittest and strongest version of myself to date. I have learnt a lot through my experiences and am constantly furthering my knowledge in the big world of health & fitness!

In the past 2 years I have been working with clients in and out the gym to build positive mindsets and strong bodies. I believe working on yourself should be enjoyable and sustainable; which is why I will help you to create healthy habits and reach realistic goals without going to the extreme.

I want to give you the knowledge on how to make positive changes so that you too can feel confident and happy in yourself, whatever your background.

Home: About Me

What I Do

I offer a range of coaching services to suit every person and every budget.

Online Coaching

Tailored programmes, nutrition guidance, monitoring, progress tracking, and adherence at your finger tips. I do the planning, you put in the work and achieve incredible results with 24/7 support along the way.

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1-1 Private Personal Training

One on one personal training. Each session is tailored for you and the sole focus is on you and your goals. Take the time for yourself and learn how to get to where you want to be effectively. I offer all PT services from your home and East Park Gym.

1-2 Private Personal Training

Couples private personal training. Grab a mate or your partner and fall in love with training, pushing yourselves, and getting stronger together. I offer all PT services from your home and East Park Gym.

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Here's what some clients have to say about their experience...

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I have been working with Beth since Jan 22, I originally wanted to lose weight and just to fall back in love with the gym again which has happened! Over my 6 months of working with Beth I have gained so much confidence within myself in and outside of the gym floor. My current goals are still to loose a bit of weight whilst trying to maintain some strength! In the last 6 months I have hit a 120kg deadlift which has been a goal of mine for over a year which was achieved back in March! I have since hit 132.5kg! Beth has given me the consistency and support that I needed. Beth has aided me in form and technique in all of the programmed exercises that she has given me. Also gave me many alternatives to do whilst working through a small past injury. Beth has been incredibly supportive and I find she keeps me very much grounded. I am grateful for everything she does and cannot wait to see the progressions to come!

Elliejade Harris - Online Coaching

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Become part of a team of incredible people striving to better their physical and mental health through training. Each individual is working on their own goals and doing what they enjoy.



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Lost 25kg

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